About Bunga Ayu Wedding

Bunga Ayu in Bahasa Indonesia is a Beautiful Flower and Bunga Ayu Wedding is the wedding planner and events company for Bali Bunga Ayu that is a professional florist company, which also provides any related products such as fresh flower, hand bouquets, wedding and car decoration, flower arrangement and park maintenance.

Bunga Ayu Wedding offers you as a wedding planner, a wedding decoration as well as a corporate event planner which have the experience and the knowledge to create your perfect wedding and event that is everything you've dreamed it to be and more.

As your Bali Wedding and Bali Events Planner, Bunga Ayu Wedding committed to you. We want only the best for you on this wonderful day and we intend to see that you get it.

We look forward to coordinating your upcoming Bali wedding and Bali events.

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